These are lyrics, not poetry for a change. they go to a kind of synth-y hardcore type of thing.

All that I have to say
is that If you really needed this
you would've been born with a needle in your arm.

Take a breath,
Throbbing lungs never appealed to me,
I'll buy your cigarettes
as long as you don't leave me empty handed.
What would you have me do, my love?
lay cancer at your feet and light you up a smile?

to drive through pyrotechnics and white doves;
lets you and I set charges.
wire, set, go.
and everything is gone.
Let's walk through nonsense memories by fluorescent fire flies.

Smoke and streetlights drip off the page
in black and white newsprint like spirits,
soaking every pore and trap in space and time
that even the universe herself turns her face from the lenses.

One day these cardboard heartbreaks will form a deck of hearts and spades.