alright so i bought a seymour duncan hotrails for my strat and i soldered it in with the help of my friend. However, when i played, i noticed that the pickup was about the same volume as the single coils on distortion, but when on clean, my single coils are about 2x as loud. i thought this was wierd so i unsoldered the pickup and soldered it back in right on top of the single coil wires with a tiny bit of solder in between. now, did i mess up twice in a row or is this just how the pickup is supposed to be?
there are five actually, the red and white are not used so i just taped them off, then the black goes to the selector swtich and the green and bare go to the volume pot, which i soldred on top of the wires from the neck and bridge pickups
i didnt solder the red and white together, i just taped them with electrical tape, may soldering is fine as far as i can tell the height of the pickup might be it, it is very close to the strings
The red and white need to be soldered together (and then taped off if you want), but since your pickup height is kind of high, that may also be a factor.
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You need to solder them together. Otherwise, you don't have a strong electrical connection.

Here's a guide on optimal pickup height, perhaps your neck and middle positions need to be lowered!

BTW, I would desolder (using desoldering braid) all those wires on top of the volume pot off, and solder them back on with a brand new solder joint. This will ensure a strong electrical connection.
thats an easy fix then, do you think it is possible to reuse strings, because i just resoldered and put new strings on yesterday, can i take the strings off and use them again?
If you get creative, yeah...

Perhaps put a capo on the strings at 12th fret, or as high as you can manage.
Loosen them up significantly, but not enough where they unwind off the pegs.

Unscrew your bridge, and then take off your pickguard. I'd only do this, if you know how to properly set up your bridge.

Otherwise, you may be able to do it if you loosen the string significantly, and hold them at a slackened state over your pickups. Then put a capo on the first fret, to hold them in their tuning pegs. Unscrew the pickguard, and attempt to take it out of their with the minimal space you'll have from the slackened strings.