Well i recently put blackouts in my epi les paul and i think i need a amp upgrade cause i kinda well hates is a strong word but dislike my current amp (Marshall MG15) i have been looking at both the Peavy classic 30 and the Fender blues jr.(i have been told its a nice 15w amp with nice pedal for distortion)

Am i looking in the right direction? is there any other good tube amps that i have not mentioned?

My price range is $300-$500 but if i really have too ill go to $600 and im a bedroom player ATM
i play anything from smooth clean melodic runs to heavy metal
i would have to say the classic 30 it works for small gigs and bedroom practice better then the blues junior

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

You should also add the Tiny Terror head to your short list. They run about $550, and you can pick up a 1x12 cabinet from Avatar for around $200. Or you can spend about $850 and get the new Tiny Terror combo...but my understanding is that there are LONG waiting lists for the combo.

The thing is: there really is no such thing as a tube amp that can be played at "practice" or "bedroom" levels. Trust me: I looked into this 6 months ago.

About the only thing that comes close is the Zvex Nano, but at a half watt, there's really very little upside to this tube-based amp if you decided you want to scale up to smallish gigs or open mic nites.

The TT pretty much kicks the crap out of most other low-wattage amps out there as long as you're not looking for super clean tones.
You could try lookin into a Traynor YCV40... $700-ish @ musiciansfriend
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you aren't gonna find any real good tube amps for that price. $650 is the minimum at least.

I beg to differ. My V16 is pretty amazing for what it is. Small, powerful, toneful and rugged. Not bad for $230.

I suggest a used Mesa F-30. They have great cleans and can do pretty much any genre besides super heavy death metal stuff.(and can even do it with a pedal maybe)
What volume level do you need to get to?

How much do you need the EQ on an amp?

Because my suggestion would be:
Epi valve junior half stack ($250)+ upgrades($105)
Tube upgrades ($35)
Voltage mod(time mostly, keeps amp from chewing through tubes)
Speaker upgrade($70)
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