I have a P bass pickup, and It wont make noise. I beleive its fried, is there a way to test this? It makes a thud when you touch it down against the magnets, but nothing else.
Check wiring, controls, and jack first. Pickups dont usually just fry spontaneously.
open the back, get a signal tester. go to each spot wher there is a solder contact point and test it. find where there is the problem. if it is a pot (most likely the problem) is fried, you can pick up another at your local radioshack for aboot 10$.
Pickups can't "fry", so no. Like Tackleberry said, check wiring and pots.
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Its all new wiring and new pots. I ordered them off of Ebay, and teh guy said he couldnt get them to work, but I just figured he was doing it wrong. I tried it with a good pickup, and it worked fine.