I play ddr a fair amount, and lately I have been wanting to get into shape (weightlifting etc.) so I have been doing that. I am wondering if DDR'ing would be similar too running or biking or other things? I play on standard right now, and want to be playing most songs on heavy by the end of the summer.

DDR is the best way for you to look like a complete dumbass, does that help?
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wow...that's pretty pathetic. anytime you're moving you're burning calories, so yes it will burn fat....if you don't eat carbs....

but it is not an efficient workout, and a helluva waste of your time imo.

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Even if its not as effecient as a regular workout. It's a hell of a lot more fun. I would rather play an hour of DDR than run in place on a treadmill for 30 minutes.
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Video games =/= working out.
Buy a bike that creates electricity and run on the bike while you play your xbox360 on your big screen. THATS a workout.
Actually, its a huge workout. When you play on heavy it is anyway. Its basically the same as sprinting for the entire song on a lot of songs.

And yeah, I play DDR and damn proud of it, haha.

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actually, ya. i know someone that lost about 20 or 30 pounds over the course of a couple months playin ddr on heavy.....although, some advice: no matter how much you love it, cut back on the pepsi
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