I started playing about 5 months ago. I'm learning without an instructor, and have hit a roadblock on where to go from where I'm at. I know my power chords, basic open chords and most barre chords. What should I be practicing now, preferably to build speed for solos, finger strength etc. and just become a better guitarist.

scales and pull-offs. scales really do help cause you get a better idea of what sounds good together and where everythings at on the fretboard. and pull-offs help you play faster cause you dont have to pick every note
Like ^^ said,
learn scales,

but if you want to learn badass things first, learn finger tapping or finger sweeping.
though it would be better to learn theory, tapping is always fun ;p
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I would suggest that you start learning basic scale patterns while learning lots and lots of theory. Also you should still continue to constantly work on your chords so that they sound crystal clear and you can switch between the really fast.
Thanks everyone.

Anyone have any advice for playing and singing at the same time. I find myself running into the problem where my strumming just changes to the rhythm of my singing.
For playing and singing, practice the song until you can play it perfectly, and then practice it some more. Play while looking in a mirror and sing.
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