So i bought this amp a couple months ago and I've been really enjoying it. But I've always been curious on how the midi works on it. The manual briefly goes over the topic stating that I can plug it into a midi controller along with some warnings. I would like to know if I can simply get a cable and plug it into my computer. Also, what does this allow me to do?
AMP into COMPUTER and use it as the MIDI controller

Honestly I have no idea what an MIDI controller is. I assumed it was a something that could be emulated by a computer. So all i needed to do was download a program.

Another reason why I asked what it does.
If that amp can take guitar sounds convert it to MIDI and allow you to use MIDI software then it is amazing. But then again maybe a lot of amps can do that and I just haven't heard about it.

What exactly does the manual say?

Basically, MIDI is information. So when you send information from a MIDI controller to your computer you store it in a program. Then that program allows you to take that data and run it through some sort of sound creating engine. So say I have a keyboard that runs on MIDI. I play a key. The MIDI information that is sent is things like what key I played, how hard I played it, and what modifications I set. That information is processed by MIDI software and output as a sound.

So what I think your amp might do is take analog sound, convert it to MIDI and send it. If it does that, I want that amp.

EDIT: Unless it just has MIDI through. Thats no biggie.
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Well if i understand what you said correctly, that is what i thought it did:
Like on a keyboard, where you can change the sound that is produced. I thought that the amp could do the same thing, which is what i assumed that they did here .

I don't feel like typing it all but i found the online PDF version.


Go to page 13
I think it means that you can run a MIDI foot-switch in so that you can control on-board effects. There is no MIDI out so what I mentioned before is impossible.
The guitarists uses a synth pickup for his guitar:

And runs that into a guitar synth processor:

Which he is using to control a guitar effects processor, which is where the computer comes in.

The violinist is using a similar setup, with an electric violin being run through an effects processor.

The drummer is using triggers and other electronic drum elements added onto his kit.

If you read the you tube description it describes how he is doing this.