Hey guys!

Well after contemplating and talking about it with friends, I decided to ask the people who know what they're talking about. You guys!

Over the summer I'm saving up to upgrade my gear, I'm getting a new guitar and amp, and I'm starting with the amp. I know there's all the rules about how you're supposed to spend more on your amp than on your guitar, but I feel like I can kinda stretch the rules and still get what I want. The amps I'm looking at are both Fenders, a Blues jr and a Hot Rod Deluxe. I would absolutely love to go for the Blues Jr, and here's why.

It's about $200 cheaper. That's the big one, also its got the word blues in its name, and since that's what I play, it sounds good to me. The issue that immediately comes to mind is that it's only 15 watts. What I'm wondering about that is - can you just play it through speakers and get it as loud as you need without losing the tone? And also, I've heard a lot about cranking the volume on tube amps to produce a really nice tone, with the 15 watts, would I be able to crank the volume and get a nice tone without blowing out everyone's eardrums? If so, the low wattage looks like it'll work out very nicely for me, especially coupled with the great price.

The Hot Rod Deluxe has I think 40 watts, so obviously the volume is no issue on that. The only thing holding me back from it is the price. It's relatively cheap, but I'm a highschool student and I'm paying for everything with money I scrounge together over the summer, so my budget doesn't stretch as far as some older guys, or more privileged kids.

Other information you probably want - I play lots of blues. My band is just kind of a basic rock band. We play a lot of different stuff, some is pretty hard and almost metal, whereas other times we'll play straight up 12 bar blues. Since I'm the blues guitarist of the bunch, and the lead guitarist, I really want to step out and find my own tone that people will notice. My band, while not gigging, has lots of great connections locally, so by the end of the summer we'll be playing small gigs. We are going to start opening for another local band that is getting pretty big, so I'd say small gigs in the near future to maybe medium gigs within 9 months - a years time. So there's the issue with the 15 watts.

Well, anyway, any help would be really great.

Thanks in advance.
your in a band and you don't know your wattage?. oh man what has this world come to lol. 15 watt is fine for bedroom practicing and band rehersal. but if you do live performance then a higher wattage tube amp would be a better option, like the peavey classic 30.
Thats debatable. Many 15 watters can hang with all but the most heavy handed of drummers. Besides, at nearly every gig you will be mic'd

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The Blues Jr should be fine for gigs if mic'd. It won't do Metallica well (or really at all, my opinion) but, will excel at classic rock and blues. Depending on where you live you can find a lot of used/better amps for the same price. The HRD has a temperamental volume knob so it is more difficult to get lower volumes out of it than the Blue Jr. Not impossible by any means, just what it is. Check your local craigslist for a Peavey Classic 30 or an older fender 2x10 40 watt'r. There are plenty out there and prices range from $375 to $500. I see HRD's used for $400 all the time. Don't get stuck on the word "Blues" being on the amp. Your fingers should make that apparent to your listeners, not something printed on your amp. Good luck.
Deinetly look into a USED Peavey classic 30. Can do blues and classic rock but can do some hard rock too. They go for about 300 used on ebay all the time. It is versitile, has great cleans and excellent od, which the hot rod doesn't really have.