There's nothing out there,
Nothing at all.
Dark matter moves through you,
Comparatively small.
To the rest of the universe,
That swirls around you.
It won't matter if,
A throne you are crowned to.

There are bigger suns,
Than our solar's one.
Million times the size,
Are you still important,
In anyone's eyes?

Your writing, your opinions,
Your job, car, wife, whole life,
Comparatively, worthless,
Shoot yourself in the head.
Because when you are dead,
There will be nothing as there always was around you, unnoticed.
I liked the subject matter. I liekd the line "A throne you are crowned to" and the "head, dead" rhyme at the end.

The last line however, was too awkwardly long. I'd prefer a stronger ending statement that'll stick.

I have a suggestion: why not make the title ("un)importance" or "You're (un)Important" because it give it an ironic touch.

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You listen to way too much Muse or something. Try some more metaphors; 'we're just a puddle compared to the lake' 'i bought a book for truth and it was all fake'....

i suppose its okay, i dont know what kinda style you go for but its for like claustrophobic goth metal then you've probably written a hit.
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