mine is steve vai too, but its either tender surrender or touching toungues

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Buckethead-Sketches of Spain
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This reminds me of a time when I was jerking off onto a jellyfish and somebody walking down the beach said something. I don't remember the actual wording, but they should have just let me be.
Something by Buckethead.
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This is UG, we love Schecters and Ibanez and Jacksons, we hate Deans and BCR's, we hate Marshall MG's, and everyone needs a new amp.
Bob Dylan - In My Time Of Dying

Yes, I'm that kind of guy.
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I love metal but death metal's just a bit too much for me. The most I can get into is serious-illness metal.
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I care
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If I had an axe that could make well formed vaginas I would go out a lot less.
On An Island - David Gilmour. Pretty sweet song, great solos with great tone.
Do YOU know who Les Paul is?

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Uh... Prolly

Glasgow Kiss, Wishful Thinking- John Petrucci
Curse of the Castle Dragon, Three E's for Edward, or any other solo song - Paul Gilbert