So, tomorrow being junk day, my brothers neighbor had all this stuff on the curb.
A Tom Delonge Squier, Hamer body and unknown bass amp.

Anyone have any info on the amp?? The electrical cord was cut off...seems to be solid state. Has four outputs on the back, plus a footswitch output that looks almost like a MIDI port. It also has an outlet to plug in another device. MFG by Acoustic Control Corporation in Los Angeles, CA. Other then that...there no other info.

Also could use some info on the Hamer, but Ill repost in the electric guitar section...
hm. looks like it might be an old sunn or silvertone? but usually those would have a brand. maybe something from back in the day when sears sold amps and guitars.

the hamer looks newer and nothing special. and the delonge I believe is not a delonge but just a squier something with an invader. the delonge is a fender model if im not mistaken.

or i could be all wrong.

edit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acoustic_Control_Corporation
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