I just scored some actually pretty cool junk off the curb of my brothers neighbor.....
Anyone have any info on this Hamer??

I already know the other guitar as the Tom Delonge and the Amp is posted up in the Gear & Accessories...need info on that too..

Hey, either way. A guitar on the side of the road? Even if it's brokey? WHOO! I'd take it, be it a cheaper knock-off or the real thing. Nice find.
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Wow...just wow

A clapstack? My life is complete.
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looks like a cheaper series artist from hamer

I thought all the Artists were hollowbodied or chambered?

The first one looks more like an Ibanez GAX.
I THINK that other body is a Squire Bullet, I'm most likely wrong though.
That amp WINS!!!

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Warned for trolling!

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It has Hamer pickups in it and the black one says Tom Delonge on the neck plate, plus i googled up some pics of it and am pretty sure thats what it is...even the neck matches. Plus, it still has the plastic cellophane on the pickguard!! Im gonna screw the neck on and find some strings to see how it works. I cant believe all this was on the curb....The guitars actually look like new besides a few dings and scratches....probably from laying on the curb..lol. I dont think i would ever buy these...but Im a gear *****...especially when its FREE!!! Now I gotta find a neck to throw on that Hamer...