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bored at home so thought i'd make a thread on this

saw a guy with 2 washburn idol guitars and two mesa stacks- musta been a loaded guy. he also had a bernie rico v? i hear they r expensive

anyways, just wonderin if u guys r rich

ill start off, just a 16 y.o student 50 aus bucks / week to spend on goin out food, so i guess my families average... saving up is a b*tch for music gear so that sucks, prob needa find a job lol
I'd have to say my family is middle class. My parents don't spoil me or my brother, though.
everyone on UG is rich by global standards.

i wouldn't say i'm 'rich'. i mean ... if you're not affected by obama's tax increase, you're not rich. that's the way i see it. though we are pretty well off.

i can pretty much guarantee i won't be making as much as an adult as my dad is. but we're different people, i'm fine with that.
Nope My dad owned his on buisness (did decorative concrete) and last year wasn't so hot so we're bbankrupt now. don't even own our house
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Hah I hate it when people ask me in person if im rich... i'm a modest person and its awkward.

I would say my family is upper middle class. We have a few cool cars and a fairly cool house... 5,000 sq foot. My dads got a '33 plymouth roadster and a '70 convertible corvette. But I live in the country like 5 minutes out of town in Arkansas, so everything is cheaper here. I feel fortunate though when I know we are pretty blessed.
I live in a tent

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My family used to be upper middle class. But, once my mom divorced my dad, our income dropped substantially, of course, but it's better than living with my dad.
(my dad is the biggest jerk on the planet).
But, we do alright, and my sisters and I all have some kind of job.
I have an expensive amp, but that's another story on how I got that.
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my father owns a business and we're upper middle class
but hes a cheap ass that plays favorites, my brother is the favorite =(
My dad's an engineer at Apple.
We're middle class.

But I have a rich-ish eccentric uncle who retired early and now spends his time painting and sculpting.
I also have a rich jewish uncle.
My family aren't well-off at all. I live in a rodent-infested council house and I never have ANY money. I live, though, which is the important thing.
Ugh. My parents haven't made the best decisions and it's put us in a bit of a hellhole.
Been all over the place actually. When I was younger, we'd struggle for food, week-by-week. A few years back my parents were doing well enough that we could afford to do pretty much whatever we wanted; trips, concerts etc etc, eat whatever/whenever. In the past year and a half nobody in my family has been able to find stable work, so we've had cars repossessed etc etc.

Times just change I suppose. I'm alive, mostly healthy and have guitars; I have no complaints.
My parents don't give me any money whatsoever except on birthdays and Christmas. Other than that, I earn every penny I make/spend.
And I mean that in the best possible way.
I earn about $500 AUD a week (only 18 y.o) but my Mum doesn't give me any money towards anything at all. I basically just sleep in my room, practice guitar in there and come and go whenever I feel pleasing. I work a fair bit and have a large circle of friends so I'm rarely ever home.

Tis good to spend some quiet time at home, though.
Lower middle class, running on ****ty comp had to sell guitar/amp/lots of stuff

But not so poor that we can't afford a house and basic stuff.

Edit: dads a custodian, moms a secretary.
Yeah, as long as I have my guitar and a nice amp (I can't play on SS practice amps, Guitar just isn't enjoyable IMO), and I eat every day, i'm fine.
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I'm perfectly happy.
We're upper middle class, BOTH my parents are lawyers, which is nice. But we don't have the amount of money where it becomes the only important thing.
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My parents are pretty well off; my dad's an engineer and my mom is a transcriptionist, so they make a fair amount. They don't really spoil me, except during Xmas and Birthdays, which is where I've gotten most of my gear from. I have a pretty good job now too tho, and I'm a single guy so I don't have much to spend it on besides rent (I'm moved out and in college now), gear, my car, and my bike.
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I'll just say my family is well off, but I hate the stuck up little area in which we live
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Yeah, I could see how girlfriends will take up alot of your income.

But, at least our house/vehicles are paid off for, and we have barely any bills. Just utilities, gas, and food.
Call me Wes.
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we do alright. my dad probably gets around $60,000 a year, maybe a little more. my mom probably gets around $40,000 or so, but thats only working part time.

so overall we might be getting about $100,000-120,000 a year overall. thats fairly middle class by todays standards. they hardly ever give me money outright anymore since im 20, in college, and have a job. i dont ask them for money either. if they offer, i dont refuse though.
I would say my family is middle class. My dads a sales rep and my mums a school teacher. We live in a fairly nice house and i go to a private school, but we are by no means wealthy. I work part time while going to school and make $100 - $300 a week.
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ohh yeah and my parents never say no when i want somethin... so i guess im spoilt? i alway feels bad tho, my first guitar set up (squier strat + fender 15w ss amp) was outta their pockets, but i havent regretted it as i love guitar. but i broke the ipod which my mom bought me which broke me heart haha
My parents are very rich. They completely spoil my sister and my two younger brothers. (I on the other hand prefer to work for my money). Despite the fact that we are clearly rich, my dad keeps on acting like were poor. The other day he told me that he's "struggling".
I said "What, struggling to carry your wallet?"
My parents earn quite a bit of money, but we have a mortgage so it's not like we throw cash around :P
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not rich, but not really poor either so I'm fine with where I'm at
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My parents are actually pretty poor. My mother stays at home and takes care of my siblings (who are both toddlers). My dad has his own business in which he builds cabinets and designs kitchens/bathrooms, but it isn't going very well. Thankfully, my grandpa is very rich and provides whatever we don't have.
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My family gets along well, we live in a cool house in a good part of the city, I go to a prestigious school, I get AU$10 a week for doing nothing so my life is pretty sweet but I can't find a job anywhere, and with 10 bucks a week you can't exactly get yourself a Gibson Les Paul Standard anytime soon
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