Hi peoples! I'm new to the UG Community and I had a couple questions for all you experienced folks. Now I'm planning on buying an Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500M really soon. I currently have an Epiphone G-400 and some crap acoustic I picked up when I was extremely new to playing. I've recently been getting into some old classical rock and unplugged stuff. The AJ-500M seemed the acoustic for me as I was shopping around because apparently it has great tone and warmth, just what I was looking for. Now as I was searching around, I saw something about humidifiers and I was wondering if I would need one for this Masterbilt? I live in Central California like 5 minutes from the coast. The climate isn't humid or anything but I don't know if its humid enough. I plan on getting a gigbag along with it so if I kept it in that while I'm not playing it would I be ok? Or should I buy a humidifier just incase. Recommendations of some good, cheap humidfiers would be appreciated too. Thanks for your time UG Community!
Hey thats crazy I live on the Central Coast also.

The humidity here is pretty much perfect for guitars. Inside my house its pretty much always right at about 50%. I've never had need for a humidifier and the owner of guitar shop I talked to said he's never needed one either in about 30 years here.

It's just a great climate around here.
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^ He speaks truth. That area of Cali is one of the best in the country for maintaining anything wood, not only guitars. A few hours drive east to Tucson, and you have air that's dryer than a popcorn fart. Head up here to my neck of the woods and you'll see 90 and 95% humidity in the summer. Yuck! No worries on your part as far as humidity levels go. But I would suggest you invest in a hardshell case instead of the gigbag. The added security will ease your worries about bringing the guitar places without damaging it.
Nice choice of acoustics by the way. Be sure to post back here once you get it to let us know how it sounds, and pics! We need pics! lol

was the acoustic I was aiming for. I'm probably going to go with the natural satin color just because I'm not into all the fancy paint colors and stuff...Kinda ruins the guitar for me..Anyways thanks for the info. I didn't think I'd need one but I really wasn't sure! And as for a hardshell case....I have one for all my electrics but I was thinking of going with a sturdy gigbag for this acoustic...just because I'll probably be taking this thing to friends houses or someplace else and I don't really want to lug around a big hardshell. I"ll post a link to the gigbag I'm getting. Tell me what you think.


I was planning on getting the Black version. Thanks guys!
Well , if you're going for the gigbag, I would get the tweed one. Tweed always looks sharp.

Innerpalm, I'm at Cuesta College in SLO. Im guessing you're at Poly?
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cool man .. i myself have a g-400 and a dr500r .. you wont regret it .. but if you like more punchy rich bass i suggest you get the aj500r .. but the aj500m also sounds nice
I'm going to cuesta next year. I spent this past year at Cal Poly Pomona. It was terrible to say the least. My grades are bomb though so after this year at cuesta I should be able to transfer to poly. Civil Engineering wooo.

What year are you?
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It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It
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Damn way far away. I lived in Maryland for 10 years myself. It's only gonna be my 2nd year @ college. Looking forward to it though, I love SLO. Good times.

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