I'm stuck between two great fuzz/distortions: the Big Muff and the RAT. I play standard rock, and my budget is below 110 per pedal. Now, I've been able to find both for about $80, so I'm wondering, which sounds better? My friend has a Big Muff and I love that ripping sound to it, and thats what I want, but I've been told the Rat is better. Opinions?
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been said already but yeah. the muff is a fuzz, the rat a distortion. but i suggest an Ibanez DE-7 because its better than those two combined
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Modern RATs are no good. If you can find a vintage 80s RAT, go for it. Otherwise, get the Muff. It's not expensive anyway.
if you want fuzz look in my sig you want OD look at the.spine.surfs 808 clones if you want distortion get a DS-1 or something

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The Muffs aren't too great in comparison to the vintage, either.

Basically, the Rat is a more versatile pedal than the Muff. Can do pretty much anything, to a certain extent, even Big Muff tones (or approximations of such). That said, I hear the build quality of the recent ones aren't too great.

The Big Muff is, well, a Big Muff. If that's the tone you want, then by all means go for it. It's not as versatile as a Rat, though.

In either case, I'd recommend some sort of boost or overdrive pedal to use in conjunction with whatever one you get. just to give it that little extra "oomph".

I'd recommend going with one of these, no matter which one you get. Improved versions of both, in smaller enclosures (you can order them pre-built, so don't worry about that):

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I have both and the RAT is the more used. It has more variety. I still like the Muff on occasion tho. Muff is an all or nothing kinda deal.
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Big Muff is a Fuzz pedal.....

kids these days.

I get tired of this statement. Yes, I'm fully aware that the Big Muff is a fuzz, but you can't blame people for being confused. Electro-harmonix lists it under 'Distortion' on their own website.

Bottom, it's a fuzz, but you're not stupid to think it's a distortion.

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Anyways, they are very different beasts. I would venture to say that the Rat is a tad more versatile and might be more suited to you, but it's hard to say because "standard rock" is pretty broad.
damn you people yelling at him for mistaking the big muff as a distortion as opposed to a fuzz. Its actually like a combination between the two.

they are very very different. the big muff is a lot harsher with a lot more bass response (you almost get a sub-octave), whereas the rat seems to have more midrange frequencies.
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Big Muff all the way. I think it sounds less harsh than the RAT.

Mudhoney uses Big Muff, so buy it...lol
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I spent a couple more bucks but ended up with a green russian Big Muff Pi....ME REALLY LIKE! Sorry I can't really critique the rat...but, have heard good things.