Pitmonkey's, I call on your opinion on these skateboarders. I longboard, I have for a few years now, and I can say it's definantly one of the funnest things for summer sports out there IMO. I'm going in a race this upcoming weekend that's sponsored by a bunch of longboard brands and Pilsner, it's gonna be fun.
Any body else on UG longboard? Opinions?
I don't own one, mainly because I can't afford it. However, when I used to ride my friends' in High School, it was great coasting down some of the larger hills in the area.
Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.
i live in florida.. i really want to longboard to get the feel of snowboarding again (used to live in New York) but it's totally flat here... like, the tallest hill is a dump..literally
I long board....its defeniatly a fun summer sport....cruising down a nice hill not having to pump is the best....
Yeah, I've fallen, fvckin sucks, Yet I still have yet to hit my head, it's all be ripped up back and knees and elbows so far.
hahaha my friend broke his clavical the 1st day we got our boards god damn that was funny
hahaha, I broke mine twice biking, so I stopped biking and started to longboard. Not the smartest decision, but I like it more, less injuries and it's WAY more fun IMO.
yea since ive started ive never really fallen off my board......i guess one time i jumped on top of it before it went into the street.....but thats about it.
ya i live in florida and me and my friends get together sometimes and longboard through some rich neighborhoods. I own a sector 9. its pretty good.
not at all start on hills that arent that steap and are kinda short and you'll do fine building yourself up to bigger stuff
I ride a landyachtz drop-board so I don't get speed wobble
If you're starting out it's basically all about starting small and working your way up to getting slide gloves and then doing the more technical stuff with slides and all that fun stuff.