I learned that your girlfriend will dump you for one of your guitarists in your band, if he plays awesome guitar...
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that i can write original songs, that i can play in a band, that i can get a noise complaint from neighbors who "don't mind the sound", that I can sing, that i can sing and play at the same time, that i can solo better... the list goes on and on... i've been playing for a little over 2 years.....
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I learned that your girlfriend will dump you for one of your guitarists in your band, if he plays awesome guitar...

ouch...sorry brah...ouch......WOW THTS EFFED UP!!!!!
Anyways i hit my one year mark recently, and since im a lazy bastard, all i have down all the way through, is fade to black(and i still F*** up the intro solo), and for whom the bell tolls, a bunch of neoclassical stuff played WAAAAAY TOOOOOO SLOW, and Crystal Mountain...minus solo
I learned you get out of guitar what you put into it. If you put a lot of time into guitar you can improve quickly. I would stay up all night last summer practicing, and made good progress imo.
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actually, ive learned quite alot,

several chords, A-G, and a few others,

many songs,

simple man - skynyrd
cumbersome - seven mary three
free fallin' - tom petty
otherside - chili peppers
californication - chili peppers
lay down - priestess
killing in the name - RATM
bulls on parade- RATM

and bits and pieces of several other songs

then as far as theory goes:
i learned steps, and intervals, how to construct major and minor scales, how to construct major and minor pentatonics, and how to construct chords, im working right now on memorizing the intervals for the rest of the modes,

and, ive been playing since December 19th, of 2007

EDIT: seeing as my post came off really bragging, though it wasnt intended to, ill explain better, i moved in with my dad, about an hour away from where i used to live, and since i cant drive, i have nothing to do most days, except sit around and play guitar,

oh and, i took lessons for maybe 3 months when i was about 5 or 6, so thats either 9 or 10 years ago, so i assume i still held on to some of the extreme basics, which helped put me ahead.
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I learned a few songs all the way through, many parts of songs, and a lot of popular riffs from songs.
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I just want to compare my learning pace with others on this board.

It doesn't matter, stop worrying about it.

Everybody learns different things at a different speed in different ways, asking a bunch of random people what they know is worthless. All your going to get is an egually random list of songs and techniques sprinkled with a fair helping of BS. You're better of deleting this thread because it's not going to go anywhere and, more to the point, it;s not going to benefit you one bit. You'll either end up with an inflated opinion of your own abilities or you'll feel hopelessly inadequate by the end of it.

If you've got friends who jam with then by all means, ask them and if there's stuff you don't know ask them to teach you, and you can do the same for them.
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Ive been playing 6-7 months and my best songs are probobly

Six - All that remains
My Curse - killswitch Engage
She Is Beautiful - Children Of bodom
Full ^

SOME OF ; impulse - An Endless Spradic

i need to start practicing more tbh.
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