i just need some help getting soloing down mostly for punk but it would much apreciated if some of you guys wrote down your favirote riffs and licks

also some good scales all of them will be apreaciated
the solo on paper wings by rise against is the most emotional guitar piece i've heard in a while. In bloom is pretty cool too.
Yea Dude,
Dave added something special to Sum 41
dont get me wrong, they're still great, but Brown Sound's influences gave them something different
what i meant was like tabs or scales thats it
oh and by punk i meant you know like underground not that mainstream punk.
any metal head or blues guys info would be great to just scales and tabs
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If you don't know the G, and D major and the E A and D minor pentatonic scales yet, you need to learn them.
VERY important for soloing and composing.

Also, play with other instrumentalists.
Not just a bassist, drummer.
Saxophonist, piano, glockenspiel!
Try jamming some 12 bar blues, each one of you guys improv a solo each time through.
It's a great growing experience and it gives you time to talk music theory, etc. with people who quite often know more than you.
Please do not insinuate anything sexual from that.

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