This is the first thing I've written in some time, so please be gentle. Something that I would normally not write, but considering it's been so long maybe my brains twisted somewhat... anywho, C4C. have fun with it.

Hold me under while I breathe
Hold me ever still
Hear me calling in the night
Slowly giving up your fight
Hold me never more

I’ve taken more than I will give
Given it to you
I’ve seen the best I’ve seen the rest
Let me take it all from you

No longer will I heed your call
You said your never let me fall
But you’ve taken all that I could give
Now I’ll watch you crawl

It’s time for you to meet your makers
Time for you to see
That you have done to me
I won’t just let them be

Never more will I hear your name
Never will you see
The things that you had done to me
That’s why you cannot be

I’ll see you in hell