I'm looking for a good distortion pedal that will provide more of a chunk as opposed to a crunch. Something more like John Petrucci, if possible.

The pedals I've tried were the DS-1, which I found shrill and kinda bland, and definetely did not provide enough distortion at the non-fuzz non-insane sound levels.

I also tried the Turbo distortion, this was just a more exagerated version of the DS-1. Sounded like crap.

I tried an MD-2, I rather liked this one. It seemed to have a good chunky feel to it, though it was loud in the store and the amp room was busy so I couldn't give it a good try.

What other pedals should I try?

My price range is >200 $ preferably, though I i wanna try and keep it under 100 $. I'm looking for something semi-permanent, so that my distortion channel on my future amp can be my lead channel or rythym channel, and the pedal can be the other one.

I'm looking for a metal distortion type pedal.
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A lot of boutique OD units will give you that chunky sort of tone. Look into the Seymour Duncan Lava Box, the MI Audio Tube Zone OD, the T-Rex Bloody Mary, the Subdecay Blackstar, and possibly the ZVex Box of Rock, or Box of Metal.

If you Youtube "proguitarshopdemos" you'll find a user that posts extremely high-quality and in-depth demos of hundreds of different pedals. It's an excellent place to hear the different tones that are available.
Maybe something not made by Boss.
Call me Wes.
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lol, all that store has is boss =/

I also have a solid state right now, so no overdrives, really.
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I cant stress how often people dont realize you can get any THICK sound with just a simple compressor.........anyways...im lovin the Metal Muff....mmhmm, run it through a compressor....
[quote="'Townson[BTE"]44']BOSS metal zone mt-2. badassness.

Tried my friend's. No. That is all I have to say about the MT-2.
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but of course im not trying to sound like john petrucci either. it was just a suggestion.

<---- metal.
Nah I don't really wanna sound like him per se, but I like his distortion more than that loose style crunch one more. I think I might just get a compressor...and as for the Seymour Duncan, not really cutting it from the demos I hear. Same with the other ones you mentioned to be honest. I think I'm gonna check out a metal muff and look at a digitech grunge if the other guitar store near me has em.

Thanks though, keep the suggestions coming.
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Don't get anything wit digitech written on it, they just suck tone. I've heard fairly good things about the metal muff though.

And I totally agree with you about the distorted tone your looking for. I hate crunchy lead sounds. For me, It's gotta be fluid and almost liquidy in sound, something which guys like John Petrucci and Andy Timmons just have.
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I really wanna try a metal muff now, cause I keep hearing goodness. Though I heard goodness about the DS-1...Hope the store has a Mesa V Twin pedal in stock, I hear good things about that one too.
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