Taps I guess would be the word for it lol.

But yeah. Just did my first tapping part of a song a day or two ago (Power Rangers theme lol) and I just wanted to know what would be some other great easy yet good sounding tapping parts?
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*"Eruption" or really anything by Van Halen
*"Midnight" and the intro to "Bamboo" by Joe Satriani
*"Under a Glass Moon" solo by Dream Theater, few interesting tapped parts in there towards the end
*"Sea of Lies" and "Of Sins and Shadows" solos by Symphony X (Michael Romeo is a tapping god)
*"One" beginning of 3rd solo by Metallica
*"Altitudes" by Jason Becker, after the sweep arpeggio section
*Many Steve Vai songs especially during live improvs
*"Fermented Offal Discharge" solo by Necrophagist, there's a few licks in there

Well I hope I've helped.
there's a tapping part in the solo of "goodbye my love" by lovehatehero. pretty fun. and the intro to "roses for the dead" by funeral for a friend.
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