getting my first guitar shortly and still trying to figure out which amp I want to go with it. One for personal use is what im looking for <20w (although the bigger doesn;t really matter. Want it to pull mad distortion and also good for clean shredding (for when i finially reach that point)

Im thinking about the Roland Micro Amp..... but I would like your opinions
Budjet is $200-$250 AUD

My guitar will be a Ibanez ART300

Thanks in advance dudes!
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with that budget a cube is the way to go.
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with that budget a cube is the way to go.

Yeah I was about to edit and post that. A cube 20 watt or micro cube depending on the price you can get them for. Very good amps for the price.
Most players who start on metal will want to branch to other genres, but if you get into basswood bodies, active pickups, and high gain SS amps, you're screwed for most any other genre.

I'd say go with a blackheart.

Little over price range, but worth it.

It's all tube, which means for more gain you'll have to use higher output pickups and likely pedals.
But unlike say an epi valve junior, it actually has EQ.
And a 3 watt switch for distortion at lower volume.
Now 5 watts might not sound liek much, but since tube amps and solid state are rated on such different scales, the 5W class A tube is actually louder than a 30W solid state.

Anyway, this is the last amp you'll need until you start gigging, and even then, a 1x12 isn't too small to mic into a PA.

Get tube, play around with volume on amp and guitar, EQ and tone knobs, then get pedals to dial in your sound even more.

Don't get a solid state abomination for "more gain".
Kerry king uses tube amps.
As does zakk wylde.
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if your interested going tube like Iansmitchell said a blackheart, or an epiphone valve junior or something...

but the thing about these is that your going to have to get pedals... which is going to be more money. If you already have distortion pedals or a OD pedal it would probably work out fine...
and 5 watts in a tube will probably put out the same volume as a 10-15 watt solid state amp.

But if your more interested in a cheaper solid state with built in effects, the cubes are great for the price, good contruction and great sound for the price.
But you might also want to look into the Vox's. I'd say they would be on par with the cubes. really up to you. I would suggest trying them out.
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blackhearts go for alot here in the lan of oz way higher than 250
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