Soloing and shredding should be at the bottom of the list IMO. let's face it, if you can't play some decent lead guitar, you can't solo. The two go hand in hand. Playing along with the vocals and rhythm are crucial imo.

Learn how to play 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 9ths, octaves, etc. You don't need a degree in music or anything. All you need is an ear and maybe some guidance.

I've always thought of ways to add to the music without taking a spot light. I'm not claiming to be awesome, I'm just saying I play good music . *flame suit on.

I just feel like I'm missing something with current starter guitarists. People want to shred, rip, solo, and what not. I think the best thing you can do is know your progressions and mix with the vocals. Its all about the music, not the guitarist, even if he is Paul Gilbert!
What the **** is this guy talking about? Not every genre has a lead and rhythm guitar. Who cares what you think? Paul Gilbert is awesome in his style, just like *your favourite guitarist* is awesome at leads. Is this a rant... or wtf???

Well yeah I kinda see what you're getting at. Alot of kids I know just buy an ibanez and start "making fast music", which basically means turning your gain up and wiggle your right hand a little.
Military use of children?

How about you let people just do what they want...?
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You can play anything you want if you want to despite the vocals and rhytms and stuff.
erm do what i do and practice a variety of techniques making me good at both rythm and lead especially for the time i've been playing, thats what my guitar teacher said anyway
Lead guitar is soloing, idiot. Lead means the front, which is what the lead guitarist is. At the front of the mix. When people say I play rhythm and lead, it makes no sense. You dont play 'rhythm' or 'lead'. You play the guitar. Sometimes, you may play the rhythm to the solo, while the other guitarist solos, but that does not make you a rhythm player.