Right, i want to find the best quality cheap parts all from the one place. I'll list them. (theres a lot)

Small Battery Box Fits 1 Battery
X2 .047uf Capacitors
Copper Shielding Tape
Black, Metal mounting Rings
Planet Waves black plated jack
Black Jackplate (LP)
X4 Black Barrel Knobs
X4 25K Potentiometers
Angled LP Switch with Black Knob 1/2" mounting hole
A whole heap of guitar Wiring chords

I know at warmoth i can get this, and a few other things for around 100 bucks, but i want to see if i can get it cheaper.
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As your using active pickups you will want to use .1 caps instead of the .047. And there are plenty of parts places on the net some more expensive than others. Allparts, stewmac, just google.
Guitarfetish.com is a good place to start.
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