how the hell to you get that sound ??

i seriously have no clue

i play bass and also want that sound for when i jam with mates

any suggestions ?
pretty simple really. all you do is play D chords... and thats it. and crank up your lows to ridiculous levels.. well thats what ive seen of hardcore bassists. and ive played with ass loads of bands
can you please explain a D chord to me i havent heard about it before
learn the scales, chords, and nuances of playing a bass guitar first. then ask for specific techniques.
if you are talking gearwise,

a lot of bands use either Ampeg or Gallien-Krueger amps. I run a GK 1001-rb II, and it's great. Ampeg cabs are the way to go as well. I played through a couple of Ampeg 8x10s while on tour this weekend, **** was unreal.

As far as basses, I think Jazz Basses are a good option. Stingrays are nice if you can dish out the cash, but I used to play a stingray rip-off, didn't really do it for me.

Technique-wise, playing with a pick adds a lot of that treble-ish sound. Here's what I use for EQs

Bass - 6-7
Low Mids - 4-5
High Mids - 6-7
Treble - 8-9
Prescence - 6-7
turn it up a lot and distort it. hardcore is probably one of the few genres where you are supposed to hear a lot of not almost too much bass
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