Hey recently ive wanted ot learn how to sing and play guitar at the same time. I mean ive played gitar for nearly 4 years but i cant sing and keep the playing smoothe. Coul anybody Help me out i want to seriously learn how to do this (to charm the ladies) lol. Thanks alot Much appreciated for any responses
I had this problem for a long time. I still do sometimes if it's a work in progress. Your vocal rhythm wants to change with the pace of the guitar. What it comes down to is that you just have to keep practicing it, and try to separate the two in your head. It's kinda the same principle as a drummer hitting all the different pieces in a different sync. Or rubbing your head a patting your belly at the same time.

To practice though, I would do a simple strum pattern, that was consistent, and slow. Strum down. Mute. Strum up. Mute. Just two different chords to start out with. Like G to Em or Cadd9. Slowly just start throwing new stuff in and adapting,
Yeah, this can be a problem to some people. For others it comes naturally but for those select few, this takes practice.

I'd start out with a song you already know forwards and backwards (this means guitar + vocal parts). Pick a song you could sing/play with your eyes closed.

Start the guitar part and then come in when the song does. Feel the anticipated notes and sing out on them. A lot of times when you sing and play at the same time, you're not thinking about the guitar parts. This means that you need to have them down! You need to have rhythm, chord changes, chord positions, etc down perfect so you can focus on singing. For some it's opposite. They need to remember vocal harmonies and focus on guitar parts.

It just depends. Basically, keep practicing. You'll get better.
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try try try
i had this problem until recently what i would do is i would learn all the words then all the musical parts and play or sing each part ( separately ) and then very slowly tried to play a little and sing a little at the same time but i would only do like the first 20 or so words then i would repeat over and over again
i would also listen to the music and concentrate more on the singing then the guitar part (but you need to have a very tight grip on the guitar part first)
but besides that just practice practice practice and you will get it eventually just dont give up hope because if you do then you have no chance at all and you can just consider that time to be almost wasted