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What are good songs to chill to? Dont necessarily have to be in the rock genre. The song i heard to start this for example was "Buzzin" by Schwayze...just to give an idea of what songs im lokin for.
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I usually chill on My Apocalypse from Arch enemy or something like that.
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Like all bob marley songs.


"Strange World" by Iron Maiden is pretty mellow. Santana's stuff and also "Suavecito" by Malo.

Just some stuff that comes to mind right now
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bold as love - john mayer.

Really anything from Continuum. Especially Gravity, Heart of Life and Dreaming With a Broken Heart.
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All velvet underground and lou reed stuff. They have unique cool sounding hippie music, I like it
Leftfield - Leftism
Defacto - Megaton Shotblast
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anything by john mayer, or jack johnson

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Under The Bridge - RHCP
Soul To Squeeze - RHCP
the entire first Boston album
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Like all bob marley songs.

+1, IMO there is nothing better for chillin
i like to chill out to heavy, fast and/or angry stuffs... so don't ask me!
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
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Explosions in the sky

even though its a band, not a song

i also find champagne supernova by oasis is good to "chill" to
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isis- "1000 Shards"
Pelican- "Sirius"
Russian Circles "micah"
Minus the bear- "when we escape" "pachuca sunrise" "fine +2 points"
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Aphex twin!

it's super chills, but in an upbeat-tripout sorta way.


Sublime, Bedouin Soundclash, IllScarlett, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Andy McKee, Foo Fighers, U2, John Mayer, Coldplay, Pink Floyd.

Those are just the artists, check 'em out though.
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Dopesmoker by Sleep.
It's damn long, too, so it will keep you chilled for about an hour and three minutes.
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Massive attack is generally good for late night chillage, its just like ambient background music.
massive attack ftw, but also a lot of bob marley songs, like Three Little Birds and No Woman No Cry
slightly stupid, there best songs are collie man and officer
sublime, any song
the expendables, bowl for two and down down down and sacrifice are all good.
pepper, any song
if your into rap, andre nickatina is good.
dave matthews band, any song
long beach dub all stars, roll up and sunny hours
mighty diamonds, pass the kutchie
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
Everything by Brain Drill, Deicide or Origin
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