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I'm not sure whether this would be part of the "video game only thread", but yeah.

What do you guys think of video game music?

I'd have to say, video game music hasn't gotten really "complicated" these days, I mean, compared to the Midi sort of days of Super Mario Bros.

I found songs from video games are really easy to get "into", since the idea of the music in games is to create some sort of feeling.

I get the feeling lots of people regard music from video games as not really music per se. Most people will probably think of Super Mario, which is cool, everyone loves a bit of Mario.
Martin O'Donnell is an amazing composer. (halo)
I love listening to the music, more than playing the games.
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the music played on the last race of a championship in Race Driver GRID is like tension music. Makes you want to drive faster. Kind of music you find in fast paced action films. I love it. And yeah. HALO 2 THEME BY STEVE VAI!!! It was a good song to start with but it jus got made loads better.
The starcraft music was pretty nice. Techno like that keeps your andrenalin at a perfect level. WC3 music is pretty nice too. And then ofcourse A Bards Tale (or whatever its called, long time, no play). Beer beer beer tiddely beer beer beer..
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The Metal Gear themes are normally pretty epic, haven't heard number 4 yet. The Half Life 2 series have got some awesome themes in them as well. And the theme music for Team Fortress 2 is brilliant.
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Video game music is too much overlooked imho, but there is some amazing stuff written for games. My all-time favourite soundtracks:
Tomb Raider: Anniversary (main theme)
Tomb Raider: Legend (main theme)
Civilization IV (Baba Yetu)
Aladdin (all tracks)
Sonic (first two zones)
Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend (all tracks)
Metal Gear/Solid series is awesome, sets the mood perfectly.

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well the metal gear solid series has a great score.
but you gotta love the Megaman X series for the bR00t4lz.
seriously the first one in the X series has some good metal-ish music

this is my personal favorite song-

this is the original game recording

this is one of the many covers on youtube
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The Halo 2 Mjolnir Mix is where it's at.
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The Final fantasy sound tracks have never dissapointed.

Nobuo Uematsu!
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Nobuo Uematsu!


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Im not a great Steve Vai fan but The Halo 2 Soundtrack is epic.
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Nobuo Uematsu!

One of my favourite composers of all time.

Final fantasy soundtracks, Any Japanese game's music never disappoints and the Halo soundtrack is awesome.
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Speakin of the Steve Vai suff, is there a tab for that song? The Halo 2 theme one.
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Speakin of the Steve Vai suff, is there a tab for that song? The Halo 2 theme one.

It's called the Mjolnir Mix, there's a tab in the tab section.
Zelda - Ocarina of Time soundtrack is wonderful.
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The Final fantasy sound tracks have never dissapointed.


I actually really enjoy picking up a gameboy and hearing that sweet sweet chiptune
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It's called the Mjolnir Mix, there's a tab in the tab section.
You sure? I searched that and got no results
I always found the james bond games soundtracks to be quite pleasant. (though a lot of it is the same song for every game)
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