Please read this before you reply!!!

Hi. I'll jump straight into this then. I own a mg100hdfx halfstack (mg412a cab). I know i'll get a lot of **** saying, get a tube amp, but i don't have that kind of money to spend on an amp, If i could, trust me, the mg would be gone so fast it would make your ****ing heads spin. so none of this "get rid of it and get a tube/valve amp"

Now to the problem. I use this amp to gig. I own a epiphone les paul standard with a fender atomic in the neck position and a seymour duncan antiquity humbucker in the bridge and I like them so don't tell me i need new pickups.

When i turn my amp up past about 1/4 on the master volume to get proper giggig levels, it starts to feedback when on the bridge postion. If i turn it down on the guitar, its fine (no feedback) but the tone is gone, which is what i don't want.

??????Now what can i do apart from turning the gain down and standing further away. Would getting the other speaker (mg412b) help in increasing the volume without feedback????????

I play mostly classic rock: acdc-gnr-queen-dire straits-sabbath-van halen

Any questions, please ask and i'll answer ASAP .

Thanks for hearing me out.
No another cabinet isn't going to help. I would check into a noise gate. I would go with an ISP Decimator.
yup, ya may want to try a noise gate, and a metal muff to make the MG actually sound like something bearable (its really cheap guy)

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