I'm using a Squier Standard Telecaster, but the stock pickups are too twangy and weak sounding. I'm trying to get a more powerful and full sound. Think Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead.

Here's a link. The sound I'm trying to get is like the solo that starts in 3:46. Would I be able to get similar sounds with Duncan Hot Rails? Suggestions of other pickups would be nice too.

Note: Please don't say "Just buy a new guitar"
I don't understand why you can't just buy a Duncan hotrail - Like an STHR-1B if that's the sound you want.

I've never heard a Squier Tele pickup, so I don't know how bad they are (although if they are like the Squier strat pickups, quality wise, I might have an idea), my project Tele has '62 re-issue Jap pickups in, and they have a nice tone - still a very telecaster tone though. They can be found on Ebay fairly regularly.

It'd also be worth looking Kent Armstrong pickups, a TEHR-1 comes in at 13K so it's not quite as hot as the SD.
First off, what's your amp, what's your EQ?
It better be a tube amp, and it better be cranked.

All squier telecasters are pre-routed under the bridge for a full-sized humbucker, all you have to do is get a humbucker-sized bridge. there's one at: http://store.guitarfetish.com/chhubrforteg.html

As for WHAT pickup, I'd say go with vintage, because everything's pretty much based off of the vintage PAF humbuckers, the P-90s, or the Vintage strat pickups.
I put a combo of the GFS mean 90(click the link above then the GFS pickups tab, it's in humbucker sized pickups) in the bridge and a reverse-wound, overwound strat pickup in the neck. I have the biting aggressiveness and early rock/blues from the P90, and the tones of the vintage strat in the neck, as well as a rather unique humbucking sound when I run the two together (it would probably do that solo in the song you linked to rather well, actually). Very versatile, very simplistic, it fits right into what a telecaster should be.
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Why not just buy the SD Hot rails? But if you do, make sure you have 500k pots. Else the hot rail can get quite muddy.
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Because the hot rails is meh.

I listened to the video. Definitely think this:
Is better than the Hot Rails for what you want.

That's if you want to use your bridge for that. It'll give a fuller sound, less twang.

It sounds more like he's using his neck pickup, though, to me.
jonnys tele is a tele plus, meaning it has fender lace sensors instead of standard tele pups. both his teles have a blue lace in the neck and two reds setup as a humbucker in the bridge. if you can afford it, go with that.