So im looking and i have no idea how to add enw tonew to the line 6 toneport ux1. I'm kinda getting wsick of all of them in there, is there a website that people create tones for this kinda thing?

Cheers for any help!
You can create your own tones on gearbox, the software you get with toneport. You do this by choosing whatever amp/cab model, play around with the settings until your happy and go to file - tone - save as. I'm not sure about downloading them though i haven't really looked.
hmm i know that one, but im thinking that i want to kind of create some 'Daft Punk' type sounds, is that possible to do with the amp models in gearbox?
Well there are a lot of tones/amp models and effects on gearbox. Maybe if you played around with the settings, you might get what you are looking for. Daft Punk sounds however, would be quite hard to find in gearbox, but you never know, you might find something. Try your guitar through some of the vocal pre-sets, i've found that that can sound pretty weird.
yeah! ill try throughsome of the vocals, and ill have a look at some of those packages, thanks guys.