Poll: Is 5 originals and 2 covers enough for a gig?
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View poll results: Is 5 originals and 2 covers enough for a gig?
30 91%
3 9%
Voters: 33.
we had a gig on friday...played 7 covers and 1 original...well...we played Dammit twice so...8 covers I guess...
some bands played 6 songs...some 7...
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How long's your set?
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really it depends on the gig some you might play one while other you play like 20
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it depends on how long the set is...the other day i had a gig with 3 covers and 1 original...you also have to take into account where you're playing and how many people are actually there to see your band. also, how long are the songs? that also makes a bit of a difference.
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Seven songs is roughy about a half hour set.
For the average band with average length songs, generaly figure a set out at five minutes a song, which will include a minute or two in between songs for you to interact with the audience, but if you're not very talkative, call it about four minutes a song.
Depends completely on the time you are alloted. I've played anything from 20 minute to hour and a half sets. Time all of your songs than add a couple of minutes for stage banter, see how long it runs, then ask the venue how long you have to play