Ok guys I am new to this board and need alot of help. First off my current guitar I am using is a Dean Razorback V 255 with SD Blackouts (soon to be SD 59 in the neck and a Dean Ascencion pickup in the bridge) and I am getting a 6505 and wondering what cab would be the best or really good for me? I play mostly metal like Trivium, Slipknot and stuff like that. I want a cab that sounds really good but is decent cost and not over $700 unless it really has to be. I heard Celestion vintage 30's are good but I want something that will just bring out this amps tone and possibilities. So if there is any gear ,pedals or anything you guys have to suggest could you please help me out. I haven't got the 6505 yet but I am saving to get it. I have tried other amps but this head right for me seems to have the tone and everything I need. I don't want to spend over $1200 on a head really, I have tried the plus and it seems as if it doesn't have the same heaviness as the regular 6505 but that could just be me. So if anyone can help me out much appreciated.

Any cab with Celesion Vintage 30s will be great, but if your after a good budget cab look into the Randall RA412XJ, comes with Randall jaguar speakers and they sound really good, I had this cabinet for a long time before I downsized my rig. IMO the speakers are pretty similar to the Vintage 30s. the only difference to my ears is that the Vintage 30s have a little more treble bite to them, but they are both great speakers. Dont buy the matching Peavey cab unless you plan on changing the speakers because the stock Sheffield speakers suck, I have a Peavey Triple XXX combo, I swapped the Sheffield for a Vintage 30, couldnt be happier.

Hope that helps.
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V30's aren't the best fit for the 5150 IMO.
I'd recommend a Vader 2x12 or a Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12.
Oh and don't buy your 6505 new, theres plenty of used 5150's craigslist, it will save you a lot of money.
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Ok guys thank. What is craiglist? Also I want the newer one something I can get with warranty I don't really want a 5150 because they are not in production is there a difference? Also as for cabs I dont know a lot is it possible to make them or do they have to be made in factories to be made right?