Hi dudes,

So I'm after an all-tube combo around the £300-400 mark. I play mainly metal but also some classic rock. This amp needs to have good cleans, and be capable of both classic rock (AC/DC-Led Zeppelin) and metal (from Black Sabbath to Pantera but essentially metallica/megadeth).

Tried the Peavey valveking 112 and nothing about it blew me away, you guys were right it isn't really a metal amp. So on to the Randall RG50TC. Youtube tells me it has a great metal sound (there are no stores near me that sell it), but is it capable of that classic rock crunch too?

I've also been looking at used 5150's and jcm800's but they're either too much money or there just aren't any around at the moment!

Any help appreciated, thanks.
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Try a Bugera, they'll easily do metal and from what I heard they can get a pretty good classic rock crunch going on as well.
d00d...VK is almost the best amp you can get for that...what...if you expected it to sound like an 1000 pounds amp, of course nothing about it blew you away...
mine 212 can do classic rock crunch...haven't tried much metal cause I hate it but...it did the job.
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