hey UG,
after doing my pickup height and reading some other threads on this, I found some people are using precise measurements like 2.1mm for bass side and 2 mm for treble side and I realized that its pretty hard to try and get measurements of with such a difference of .1 of a mm. So i was wondering if there would be any difference at all? I wouldn't even think there would be any difference between 2mm and 2.5mm
You're wrong. When you use a Stratocaster, even minor changes in the pickup height can really affect your tone. But it's true that measuring tenth points of a milimeter is hard; still, half of a milimeter is a clearly visible change if you got a right ruler.

To find the right tone I put the pickup in 2/2.5mm position and then manipulate the screws on both sides of the pickup - quarter of a turn, then half of a turn etc. till I get the sound I want. That way you will not be bothered by measuring .1 of a mm
^ ok thanx... well I've decided to go with the stock measurements from fender site because I like the sound of them. I've tried to get it as close as possible with a mm ruler e.g:
fenders measurements for treble side = 2.4mm
My measurement for treble side = 2.25

I still don't think I would be able to notice any difference between those
one last question... How do u measure it? do you measure from the point of the bottom of the string to the top of the mm line or do u measure from the point of the center of the string
Just a rule of thumb with my gear, is that I like the polepieces quite high.
Like, on the 12th fret, the strings are getting kind of close to touching the pole pieces.
But, just guess or try to find a more exact ruler.
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