Umm, yeh fragments on how the uninspiring the grey weather is, especially since now I'm recently single I should be out trying to chase some ass or something.

crit for crit

Seeking truth from a recluse,
The sun had an excuse,
It was waiting for clearer skies,
Had passion and focus and promise in one eye.
I was reading for answers,
Not reflecting on risks or on chances,

My recovery was our demise,
The smokey fog I so despise.

In the storm and the haze I am blindest,
Under God's blue blanket I feel wisest,

And whilst you longed for the warmth,
The raunch in the dark was endearing,
And with the rain always just nearing,
We had to run for cover...
Had to find another lover,
So sure to entertain,
When the seasons change again
It's difficult to explain
We've all seen it that way
The smirk on the clouds face,
Whatever the lesson, the weather lessens,
My summers fading into grey.
Becoming dissonant and plain,
I was in it for the gain.
Once We Were Anarchists
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oh come on, i've dished out enough critiques to make this bumpworthy... lol.
Once We Were Anarchists