Our band is looking for a rythym guitarist and bassist who can play very fast thrashy riffs for long periods of time. We just got together (friends who were working on different projects) and are in the process of writing songs. We are inspired by megadeth, old metallica, blind guardian, alot of different stuff..... I am a lead player and have been playing 13 years. Our drummer has been playing for 9 and our singer has got some pipes. We want someone who is as committed as we are (booking shows, going to the studio, and practicing together). We live in murfreesboro, tn. and would like for new members to be from the same location (no nashville players please, gas is really expensive). We are all in our twenties and would like a player of the same age. I have a short demo on my profile, its just guitar with fake drum crap on it and it hasnt been mastered, compressed ect....... I have that song finished guitar wise, and will have drums and vocals on it within the week. Thanks