Jet King



and for an acoustic..

What do we think?
Or has anyone got any other suggestions?
I'm looking around £200 price range could possibly strech a bit more if something worth it comes along.

I'll be playing stuff ranging from Blink 182 - Metallica and Bullet For My Valentine.
It will be combined with...
Amp = Marshall MG100DFX Combo
Pedals = Behringer OD/Distortion

Leave the marshall alone, I am not getting rid of it or hurting it in any way.
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you're gonna get a ton of people telling you to get rid of the MG and get a new amp. i agree.

check this out, i've heard many a good thing about them.
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oooh not this again, I love my marshall, leave it alone.
i was just wondering if anyone had an opinon about the guitars