Looks interesting, thinking of maybe getting it..though how would you say it compares to Rock Discipline?
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its better i think. its more theoretical, more about how to apply signature licks and phrases, how he comes up with phrases, it has complete solos to a few songs, and he gets into how he comes up with ideas. its kind of like what youd want rock discipline to be, but it doesnt have all the mechanical practice things in it like playing chromatic scales up and down and all over.
i think its good, but i can also see it as a book that different people would take different things from. like you might get more out of it than your buddy, or vice versa, depending on how well youll absorb the information in it. i liked it.
I like it although I don't think it should be compared to Rock Discipline. Wild Stringdom teaches you how to approach your song writing from different ways and I feel it should be used in conjunction with Rock Discipline and other learning materials rather than looking at one materials approaches.
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