Haven't been here in a while.

Basically, this was written around a set of lyrics that my kindly bassist wrote; the chugging in verse 2 is basically to fit the syllables of the growling. It's really quite upbeat in a lot of ways, but I guess you guys can judge for yourselves.

Keyboards are something I'm constantly fiddling around with without necessarily making them sound good, so there are off-notes all over the place. Let me know about any that really clash badly.

Anyway, enjoy, and don't spare me any criticism, I need to hear it. C4C as always.

PS: Ignore the silly markers around the place, like the unnecessary 'Thrash Break' and so on; they're just something my lovely band can keep track of the song by.
Critting as I listen it sounds very good, piano and guitar fit well together and the drums sound good, the bit where the distortion comes in is quite bad though, good riff afterwards, like the transition. Some good bits there but needs a bit of fine tuning.
well that was strange the intro was cool, when the whole instuments go on, its nice, i find a disonant note there as *e-3 b-2 g-4* in the last bar of those repeating, at the start of the bar.
than ,that strange chord, but not as the chord buty the tunning dude, thats some low one, anyway, i dont mind that.This bit i dindnt like quite, but after that it was cool, solo wasnt extraordinary til the tremolo picks, the keys made an exvellent job, interlude was ok.(ps verse 3 was also strange with those bends)
so until the end, i liked it started to flow quite nicely.
il give you an 8.5.ok?
Crit mine please
Clean intro is nice.
Change the second note in bar 22 to a 1 not a 2.
Distortion part will work well live.
Thrash riff is good
I like the rest with the cymbal in bar 37
Verse three sounds like something off of obZen or maybe Chaosphere
First part of the solo (up to bar 65) is awful. Doesn't make any sense, even for thrash
Next part with the keys is brilliant
Transition back to clean is cool.
Verse 5 is a cool riff, might wanna have a tweak with the chords.
The violin is odd but not off....can't place my finger on it....
Bar 128 onwards is a cool riff that kinda works for me.
Last piano part needs to move to 3/4 or 6/8 to avoid that "cross bar" stuff.

That is my crit
Sorry it's a bit vague, I have a wicked strong cold and can't think that well.....
That was really cool. The beginning acoustics are nice, and it sounds really good with the piano. All the heavy verses were awesome, and the solo was fantastic.

The change back to acoustic caught me by surprise, but it was really good. The last heavy section was probably my favorite part. The violin solo was odd, but it was pretty good. And the ending was nice and soothing.

Good job, webb.
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At long last.

On the whole, it was excellent. The intro acoustics were nice, although I feel that verse 1 could have benefited from a lead on the last two repeats. The thrash break was awesome, I enjoyed every moment of it along with verse 3. You know your chuggin', that's for sure. I would have liked to see a return to another thrash break later in the song, though, but that's just personal preference.

I thought the solo was fine as it is, but as with all of your other songs, there's no rhythm section to support it, and I feel that some guitar rhythm underneath would make it exponentially stronger. I would suggest changing the key entry at bar 65, too. It was way too sudden, and almost killed the momentum of the solo.

The transition at bar 81 was weak, it felt too sudden. The next acoustic part is great, ah, violins. The rest of the riffing is good, I certainly didn't foresee any melodeath riffing, but it was cool. The acoustic outro was nice, it was a fitting ending.

In total, a great piece. If you can just fix a few things, then you've got a nice song on your hands.

I dunno if you've seen this piece or not, but if you could give it a crit, that would be great: