does anyone how to clean guitar pickups because mine are getting rust if you know explain with details thanks.
since no one else answered and it's on the 6th page now, i will.

If you're talking about rusty pole pieces, which i'm thinking you are, here you go...

rust doesn't affect your tone like at all really. but if it's bad enough

1) CAREFULLY rub a little bit of 0000 steel wool over them. make sure to not get ANY bit of dust from the 0000 inside your guitar or inside the pickup, keep it all on top, then clean it all off. oterwise you'll get a ****load of terrible noise.
2) that should take care of the majority of it. if you really want them clean, possibly rub a TINY bit of some kind of oil on them, just put a little on a rag and rub it over them. I'd use trombone slide oil XD but possibly a tiny bit of spray shellac, or silicon on a rag. i repeat, the tiniest bit, will clean a little rust off and protect the pole pieces. possibly have someone else check this, but it makes sense to me.

good luck.
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