hey, i'm about to start giving lessons to a few kids round the place, they are all starting off at zero and range from about ten to 17. i'm decent at guitar and quite good thoery wise. i'm self thought and have never received any lessons, bar one or two very shabby ones, so i've no idea where to start, what to do, how fast to go. could anyone help me out?
well first of all you should ask what they want to learn.
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you might wanna start them off with a riff from a song that they know or like so they can get more into guitar. my teacher taught me different songs and pointed out techniques. the first song i ever learned was brain stew by green day because of the power chords and mutes.
I would start out with the different parts of a guitar, and how the sound is produced and transformed through an amp, then move on with pick holding styles and basic guitar excercises. I would teach them to always play standing up with a strap since the earlier you start this the better you can get standing up. Then maybe move on to chords and simple songs. Teach them to do their excercises everyday before they play, it makes a huge difference in the long run
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find out what they want to learn and teach them the basic major chords and work from there
i usually start my students off with a few verry simple hand exercises just plucking each string and then


and then the same on the way back down

then start with chords and things of that nature
First lesson is finding out their skill, and what they want to learn, and then just build off of that
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Find out what music they like , what they want to learn etc and then tab out their favourite music
If they're starting out the basics would be single notes in the first five frets of Low E to High E and the open chords in that position as well in Major, Minor and 7th variations. Just teaching people songs leaves them not knowing what or why they are doing things. You should also teach them how to tune their guitars as well.
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well first of all you should ask what they want to learn.

i second this ask them this question "do you want to learn how to play guitar or how to play music"
if they wanna learn to play music then teach them theory while giving them simple lessons. if they wanna learn to play guitar, teach them iron man hahah
In my opinion you shouldn't give lessons until you know what to teach anyway.
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In my opinion you shouldn't give lessons until you know what to teach anyway.

exactly what i was gonna say, imo it depends on what their age is if the learner is really young don't bog them down with musical theory teach them simple songs and in those songs incorporate concepts of music theory for example pick a song based off a pentatonic major/minor scale then do one with just major/minor then do some songs based on chords made off of those scales this way he wont know that he/she is learning these basic things and at the same time they'll enjoy themselves learning songs they can actually play

ps it's self taught not self thought :P
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"bog them down with musical theory"????? Teaching basic chords and the measley 12 notes in the guitar scale is hardly bogging them down unless they've got mental capacity issues.
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lol i was afraid he was gonna bog them down with 1000 chords (power/major/minor/barre) then some scales (every scale known to man) and maybe then some bodom songs
Teach them all the things you used to go "I wish somebody could break it down for me".

I suck at math so if were to teach math, I'd teach what I had trouble with.
I would start at a few simple major chords and begin doing some easy sightreading and theory. Lay down all the basics first then work on from that. After they have the basics get some books (possibly grade books) and just work with the students through those, occasionally asking them if there is anything in particular they want to learn.
This is what my teacher did and its seemed to work on me

Anyway have fun teaching lessons whatever you do