You left me sittin here my heart all bleedin
My soul is absent and my mind is screamin

Woman! Huh!
Why'd you do this to me
Devil Woman!
Why couldn't I see

You winked at me with your soft pretty eyes
Which hid so well that you're a dealer of lies
I treated you well, like a mother humpin Queen
I had your back babe helped you make the scene
I was workin so hard for you but didn't realize I was paying
For you and your backdoor man motel game playing

Woman! Huh!
I was so far off track
Devil Woman! grrr
I want my money back

I can't believe I went and sold my soul to you
So you could do all the things that you wanted to
Then you left and took all our hopes and plans
So you could live them out with another man (not much of a man)
I got my part time progeny to keep my name
My wailing guitar and a deep devouring pain,

Woman! Huh!
You will fill my need
Devil Woman!
I need you to bleed!

I can't believe you thought that he was where it's at
He knew what he was doing and I'll remember that
There's nothing left to say that would make you see
why I've brought my axe to do my talkin for me (careful with that axe eugene)


Woman! whack
Devil Woman!whack
Now's the time for you to take that trip back home whack
But Woman, whack
Devil Woman!

You won't miss your man cause you aint going alone!

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Haha that's actually really clever

What are the "whack"s tho? Is that the axe?

Quote by brandon369852
"I think my friend might kill herself."
"Dude, I think you should call the cops."
"I have a better idea. I'll ask the Pit."
Quote by aceofspades10
Haha that's actually really clever

What are the "whack"s tho? Is that the axe?


Yip that's the Axe. I'm sending the Devil Woman back to hell with her new found minion!!