My wrist has been hurting like **** lately. Its prbly do to the fact that I've never had a lesson and my fretting tech sucks.

Moving my fingers does not cause pain, but certain movements do. For describe, if my hand is laying on a table palm up, moving my fingers towards my face causes pain right on the outside of my wrist joint. Also, say, when you lazily rest your face on your hand, (palm on your chin and your fingers just about at the corner of you eye) theres is pain on the outside of my wrist joint.

Is this serious? Should I just down Advils, ice it, and stop playing for a few days? Or get checked out by a doctor?
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Go down to the local healthcare-joint and buy yourself some kind of band to hold your you wrist in place... (its very much like rollerblade-protection you know the ones you put on your hands?) Wear it until the pain is gone..

Go to you doc.
Also you might want to get lessons from a teacher on holding the bass. Or find a lesson on the internet. I've had some troubles in this area as well.
I get that second one but just thought it was one of those things like when you have your chest pressed against a table for ages then sit up.

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i have the same thing ...i started playing acoustic and thats when it started....i stopped playing acoustic so much and its gotten better...but i do have one of those wrist straightener things...
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I have had problems with wrist pains before. i found that mine was due to a change in my wrist, this pain usually clears up quickly, i think that it will sort itself out once it gets a chance to. I think the muscles might need to build up. Maybe this is the case with you, but you may want to get it checked out.

Any one have any ideas why i might get pains in my left (fretting) index finger? it is like the joint needs to keep cracking. I have just changed from a 4 string to a 5 string. Any help would be great thanks
Just wondering how low you wear your bass. cos the if you wear your bass really low and you have to bend your wrist, that might damage something there.
I don't wear my bass low at all, same high sitting as when I'm standing. It's prbly from marathon playing for a weekend, then being busy for a few days, and playing alot the next.

Vut I will look into the wrist brace, thank you.
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Ok, I got one of those braces, and about 30 mins later its even sorer than ever. I think I'm just gonna not use it for as long as I can..
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