Ok, tonight i have been asked if i could get a band together for a short set on 11th July. It is no problem getting the band together and the people i have in mind aren't that bad playing/signing. So far i have an original song that can be learned in 5 mins and perfected in 10.
I am wanting to know is would it be possible to make this deadline?
Also, if you could reccomend any easy to learn covers that everyone will know, set is only around 2-3 songs though as is all the bands were playing with.

Thanks In Advance,
Lol easily, only 2-3 songs, could do that all in like 2 days to perfect it.

Go for it

What music genre do you play?
yeah if you practice like everyday until that point
but everyone would have to work their a**es off for things to work so i hope the people you have are willing to work harder then you are

and if they are then july 11 should be a good night
but im sure everything will be fine anyway
if you and your band truely wants to put forth and effort and play on the 11th, you will be fine. everyone just needs to give 100%.
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we'll play anything thats good as the band all have different favourite genres.

Bass (me) - Punk and Indie
Lead Guitar - Metal
Rythym - Rock
Drummer - Anything

however we all like each others type of music we just prefer these. And i am getting a signer so i dont their favourites yet (they will probably be a male).

Thanks In Advance,
play some fairly easy covers and that will be any easy deadline...let us know what kind of music then we can help
Edit: just read the what you said above me, i would learn songs everyone will know such as Keep on Rockin in the Free World or sweet home alabama...songs that should be quick to learn but can please any crowd
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anything from the list above. preferably songs people know.

Thanks In Advance,
If I were in your situation, I would play the 1st setlist off of Guitar Hero (the first one). Crazy idea, right?
I think you definitely have enough time. 2-3 songs isn't that much. Just make sure you get lots of practice in and you'll be fine.

Here are some easy songs:
Blitzkrieg Bop-Ramones
Louie Louie-The Kingsmen
Song 2-Blur
Train In Vain(Stand by Me)-The Clash
Sunshine Of Your Love-Cream
For Whom The Bell Tolls-Metallica
Basket Case-Green Day
Come As You Are-Nirvana

I do recommend that you find a singer soon though because that will affect which songs you want to cover. If you can't find a singer, I recommend playing the melody on guitar, picking instrumental songs or playing a medley of song because otherwise it will probably get boring.
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ive got the guitarist and drummer on board. i think we may be going with our original and we're practising on friday so ill put forward the ideas then. Lucky that our original is instrumental but im going to a gig with some local bands im friends with so i may persude one singer for this one show then ill start the search for a permament singer.

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