i was just jamming with my dad and he pointed out to me how i play power chords all the time and not the full bar chord.

i was wondering if anyone else does this?

do you tend to play more power chords than full bar chords or open chords?
I tend to throw a mix of jazz chords, full barre chords, open chords of course, and occasionally power chords if I'm playing hard rock. I'm very partial to my major 13ths and minor 9ths though.
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whatever fits the song.
true that tommyt. but versatility is always great, so learn them all!
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open chords, power chords (when ever im playing metal i nearly always find myself making riffs based out of a power chord and then moving the 5th a semi-tone up to get a really dark sound) and i use alot of arpeggios based around the higher notes in a barre chord.
Power chords are nice, I use them alot, but it's important to learn as many different kinds of chords as you can, so then you can play whatever you want. Power chords tend to sound kinda empty in any music other than rock or metal.
I barely ever play power chords any more. I always do these big, distorted major and minor triads. Sounds very full.

Of course, you can do a barred power chord:

I rasrely play power chords, i prefer to play full chords.
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all depends on the song, and personal preference...for example i usually play a dsus2 instead of an open d because i dont like the sound of the F#, usually i mix it up though
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I tend to get bored and change things about mid song...powerchords, barre chords, open, arpeggiated etc. It keeps things interesting.
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Seriously, 7th chords are best. Major 7, or minor 7, they're just TOO good.
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Maj7, crazy ones made by moving fingers around in barre's.... I'll work out what they are at some point, other 7ths, 9s, 11s occasionally.

My favorite chord atm though - play an open Cadd4, sounds amazing.

I find power chords just so dull, the lack of a 3rd gives them no tonality or any interesting feeling.
Mostly barre chords, sometimes open chords. Usually just major and minor, but sometimes I throw in a dom7. Occasionally I use maj7s or min7s, or other extended chords.

Edit: Various diminished and augmented chords too.
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I just about always play open and 7th chords. Power chords just seem weird to me, not as full sounding and such.
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Any type, though if I'm playing heavier, faster songs I tend to use power chords. Though, if I'm just jamming along to something slow, bluesy, or melodic, I'm normally finger picking 9ths, 7ths, and 13th chords or some diminished chords if I'm feeling adventurous .
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I tend to use alot of power chords, but when it comes to songs that arent heavy i go for full chords, especially in verses. Overall though i mix it up.
Open chords, and seeing as I'm starting to learn teh jazzez, Ive become partial to them.

I like my sus's too.

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I tend to get bored and change things about mid song...powerchords, barre chords, open, arpeggiated etc. It keeps things interesting.

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ususally i use a modified version of a standard chord...whatever i can do to move my hands less i do...
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If I'm not playing any specific song, I'm just playing to play... then I always find myself fingerpicking open chords on a clean or just slightly dirty amp setting with moderate chorus and delay. Or when I'm feeling frisky, flanger and reverb. for some reason, there's no better sound to me. Now that I think about it, it's almost always in G.
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