Okay so I've been playing electric guitar for about 2 and a half years and I've just found out I've been holding my pick wrong the whole time. So I looked it up on youtube and the way that the lessons tell you to hold it I can do, but I can strum chords that way, but not pick individual notes and tremolo pick. So i changed it so less of the pick was poking out the bottom and I cant strum chords that way. What should I do?
how are you holding it, and which video did you watch?
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You should hold your pick however feels the most comfortable to you and doesn't hinder your playing. Lots of guitarists don't hold picks the traditional way.
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i change my grip on it depending on what implaying.
chords = looser grip, holding less of the pick
solos = loose enough grip to switch strings easily, tight enough to hold onto

but that's just me.
i dunno if this is the proper/traditional way, but i think it's pretty close. getting it the right way will make learning easier.

keeping your hand loose as possible, meet your index finger to your thumb at the pad of the thumb's tip (a little past halfway up the first joint), and the side of your index finger. remember to keep loose while doing this, it needs to be your own natural position. then, keeping the index and thumb together, straighten your thumb so that the point of contact rolls toward the pad of the index finger. then stick your pick in and hold it as close to the tip as possible. if you hold your hand up do your eyes sideways so that the thumb is horizontal to the ground, the pick should be slanted from the ground at a 45' angle.

tell me if this helps/is comprehendable, i'm trying to teach someone!
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Whatever feels comfortable to you

My mate holds it like the majority of people do, but i hold mine in a clenched fist motion with the pick between the index finger and thumb and its works fine for me, but i also quickly switch my holding style to 3 fingers for chords and constant string changing
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Hold it however is comfortable...
i dont hold it the traditional way either

but seriously, who made the rules on how you have to play guitar?
just do what feels best (i actually hold mine with three fingers, except when strumming)

Jeez, I didn't think there was so much technique in how you hold your pick. I think everyone has their own sweet spot.