Who here would be interested in a dual effects loop for under $100 usd?

Let me give everyone a little back ground: I love to have my clean sound with some chorus but every time I wanted to switch from distortion to clean I had to jump from turning my distortion off and turn on my chorus and there would be a delay were my clean sound did not have that nice and I wanted to still be able to add chorus to my dirty sound or other combinations. I knew there had to be a better way to do it. So I looked at some pedals that I could do this with and they were outrageously expensive; the Lehle = $380 & Radial = $250 and they had buffers and one has a boost which I'd never use.

BOSS makes one for about $80 but you can't make changes to it on the fly, it's either A<->bypass, B<->bypass, A<->B, A->B->bypass or A+B->bypass which you have to set up before you start playing. I didn't want to have to fiddle around with the thing between songs.

So I looked into building my own and now I'm wondering if anyone else would want one. I could build it for about $80.

Here are some specs:

• Dual True Bypass switches for each effects loop bank.
• Switches are placed close enough to use simultaneously but still enough space to stomp each one independently so you can make changes on the fly.
• Can do combinations of A<->bypass, B<->bypass, A<->B, A->B->bypass or A+B->bypass.
• Can be completely passive or have dual LED's to indication which effect loop(s) is/are active (uses one 9 volt battery or any 9 volt power supply).
• No noise.
• About the size of a BOSS compact pedal, just a little wider.
• Plastic casing (for right now until I find some kind of metal case I can drill holes into)

I know some of you will say this should have been posted in the Gear & Accessories or even in the classifieds but I thought I'd start here to see if any other guitar players would be interested in one.