I've done some research on Schecters and I even played one at my local guitar shop. They are very affordable and seem to be of good quality. If you own a Schecter, could you give me your thoughts on them?
Amazing. I have 3, and I'd get another. Their some of the best out there right now.
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I've got a Schecter Diamond Series c1 xxx and I love it. It's pretty versatile but sounds great for metal. Plays very fast and smooth. I would definitely recommend it. My model came with duncan designed pickups which aren't amazing but they hold their own. I've been dyin to put in some emg 81/85 's in there. I've playeed some very nice guitars but nothing seems so be as comfortable to play for me as my schecter.
great guitar for the money and their big on coil tapping which makes them very versatile
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