thats the first song ive ever learned....and you shoulda played the rest of the song....and not made two threads...and put it in the right forum.

edit: sorry this is the right forum...the last one was wrong. thats prolly why theres two threads. ignore my assholeness.
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oh god another stairway cover...
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It was good except for two things.

I think you should let the notes ring out more, I think it makes it sounds better.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to use more then just two fingers...

otherwise it was good and you should finish the song!
lol obviously a cover that's been highly overdone. it would have been more interesting with the whole song of course.
otherwise, the playing was quite smooth. try to let more of the notes ring out. some of the notes lasted too short when you began switching positions.
decent tone, and overall good effort.

mind givin mine a listen?
nice work on the intro. try and learn the whole thing then post again! you should try straying away from what everyone else learns. i think almost everyone learned this as a first song (except for me lol).

c4c plz https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=891736

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Good sound, I like the song and this sounded like it...

although; you should practise on using more fingers than the index finger and the thumb for fingerpicking
You like it
sounded pretty good, except the effect was a little too much. try turning it down a little it sounded pretty digital to me. and practice fingerpicking.

check out mine. http://youtube.com/user/chamblizz
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